So here we go again. Back in lockdown. But don’t let it stop you keeping fit and stopping your training.

You don’t need loads of gym equipment, especially if you don’t have the space to put it in your home, so we have put together a few pieces that we have tried and tested which are perfect for home training and why we recommend them.

Our first recommendation is this great piece of equipment.

Wonder Core Genius 10-in-1 All round Training at Home Workout System. One of our trainers has been working with this during lockdown and really recommends if you want something which is compact, easy to use, and light. You can do 100 different exercises with this system, and totally get a full body workout. The great thing is, it also has a personal training app, so if you are starting for the first time and not sure about what exercises to do, technique etc, it has it all covered for you.

It is also very easy to take out with you, so when the weather starts to finally improve, it is great piece of equipment to take to the park with you and do your workout, or even just in your garden.

Our pt fond she got a fantastic core workout from using this and was abele to many different variations with it which was really nice as it doesn’t feel like you are doing the same thing all the time which can result in many people giving up as it can then become a little bit boring.

We hope you enjoy using it, and if you need any tips please dont hesitate o contact us.



Damian Gilder

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