Damian Gilder Personal Training and Massage Therapy is based in the Northwest. We are well-established in a fitness suite in Oldham. Damian started as a fitness instructor in 2005 and worked his way up to be a fitness manager of a well respected National fitness chain.

In 2006 he went to Pennsylvania, United States to spend the summer working with children and adults in a fitness camp. After coming back to the UK he decided to setup Damian Gilder Personal Training to help people achieve their fitness goals and improve there overall wellbeing.

In 2007, Damian graduated from The University of Bolton with an honour degree in Cultural and Creative Studies. Damian has excellent communication skills and a vast amount of experience in the fitness Industry and Personal Training. He has worked with Athletes, Weight loss clients, disability clients and people with general fitness goals.

Way Of Life

Today more and more people are looking for better ways to get into shape and other options besides plastic surgery when it comes to reshaping their bodies. Fortunately, this interest has led many people to seek additional help from personal trainers in sculpting the body through more natural means. Despite this widespread popularity and due to the unregulated nature of this profession, many people hold different perceptions and opinions of personal training. They do not do justice in fully defining the competent and fully qualified personal trainer. Damian offers a professional recognised service which is well respected within the industry. Personal training is not just a choice but a way of life.

Personal Statement

I am keen to help people achieve there fitness goals and overall well-being and improve general balance in life. I strive to gain results and will commit 100% to help the individuals achieve there fitness goals. I am 100% committed and very passionate about fitness and helping people..

Damian Gilder

Damian Gilder is a freelance Personal trainer based at his very own private studio in Oldham. He has 10 years experience working in the industry across the UK and America. He has previously worked as a regional fitness manager within the industry and also as a Fitness consultant. He has a vast majority of clients ranging from business owners to sports orientated people. He is qualified at Level 3 Personal Training and has obtained a degree in Cultural and Creative studies. He specialises in home training, weight-loss, muscle building, nutrition and much more.

Melanie Hamilton

From a young age, melanie has been dancing and performing. She is extremely passionate about dance and theatre, her career includes 3 years appearing in professional pantomime at the Albert Hall with people such as Paul Crone, Keith Harris, The Bradshaws and much more. In addition to this Melanie has worked with Tony Christie, Peter Kay, Ken Dodd and many more famous faces. Melanie has gained lots of experience from dancing on cruise ships to backing dancing for ITV stars in their eyes 3 years running. Melanie’s passion is to teach other people and is all about giving them a chance and an opportunity to show what they can do. The motto ‘everyone can dance’.