Suspension training (also known as TRX) has become popular at gym’s all over and for good reason. It is a super effective way to build your whole body up, increase strength, get your heart rate up, and all by only using your own body weight.

Studies show that from a 60 min TRX workout people burned up to 400 calories per session, there where significant decreases in waist circumference, body fat percentage, ad resting blood pressure.

People improved their muscle strength and endurance, including significant improvement in leg-press, bench press, curl-up and push up tests.

With all of the results combined, it suggests that the long-term adherence to a suspension training programme is likely to decrease your likelihood of cardiovascular disease. For a person who doesn’t have any experience and doesn’t know how modify the amount of body weight they’re responsible for in an exercise, they can have difficulty in performing the exercises correctly.

But working with a qualified trainer will prevent any injury. Anything where you are forced to handle your bodyweight in space is beneficial in enhancing one’s functional capability, including balance and core stability.

It allows you a lot of variety in terms of changing the intensity of the exercise. By simply changing the position of your body, you are responsible for increasing or decreasing proportions of your bodyweight against gravity. (Try some TRX Burpees, you’ll see)

Here are 7 TRX moves to help you get started…


1/ TRX Jump Squats

2/ TRX Single Leg Lunge

3/ TRX Bicep curl

4/ TRX Tricep Curl

5/ TRX Chest Press

6/ TRX Plank

7/ TRX Amniotic Push-up

(repeat this set x3 to start off, doing 60 seconds on each then build it up)


Happy Training!!!   

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