So, we all know how easy it is over the festive period to over do it with all those treats. But there is is no need to go overboard and undo all that hard word and dedication you have been putting in over the last few months.

It is all about portion control and limiting how many of those lethal treats we have. So, in other words don’t  sit there all day with that box of mince pies and full box of chocolates….as nice at it sounds….

Have small treats through the day, and if you have that big family meal planned, well enjoy it! but try to eat well all day rather than just give up altogether. If you have been watching your calorie intake, and you know your going out for a drink at all the christmas parties, make sure you try consuming less calories during the day so you can top them up with the alcohol, and also think about what you are drinking. You can still enjoy yourself without gaining back loads of those extra pounds!!

And more than anything…..have a wonderful christmas!!!!!

Damian Gilder

Author Damian Gilder

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