We are doing an online quiz where we will be asking you questions about fitness and food.

All you need to do is send us your answers via email or text and we will place all the winners names into a hat, and the winner will be drawn live on Facebook on Friday 18th December at 6pm.

Winners will receive 2 HALF PRICE Personal Training Sessions, including a Full Health Check, Diet and Nutrition Advice, Weight and measurements,  and a 10% discount on all block bookings.



  • What does HIIT stand for?
  • What is the largest muscle in the upper arm?
  • Which weighs more, Fat or Muscle?
  • What should you apply if you think you have strained a muscle?
  • Can exercise counter a drop in metabolism from dieting?
  • Agonist Muscles are responsible for relaxing. TRUE or FALSE?
  • What do you use to make a ‘v’ in a ‘v-up’ exercise?

What does ‘Pumping Iron’ mean?


We will send you a reply upon receiving your answers.

Stay safe Stay fit

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