Well, it’s finally here, that time of year that most of us totally give up and undo all the hard work we have put in over the last 12 months or so.  So do we really need to totally ditch the diet and the training and reach for the chocolate box and the wine, or can we enjoy ourselves but still maintain what we have?

Well the answer is ‘yes’. Our clients often come to us when they start and say they don’t normally stick to diets and training because they like to enjoy the odd glass of wine or the odd takeaway and treats, but the good news is, you can do both. You can still have those tasty treats and that glass of wine if done the correct way.

The best way to do it is to count your calories. So, if you know your going to be having a bottle of wine (or two) that evening then try to consume less calories throughout the day. It’s also about portion control, so try to be aware of how much you pile on your plate.

This year more than ever is going to be a tough one, but instead of thinking about all the negative things that may be about to come, think about the positives. At some point, hopefully soon, all this will be over, and life as we knew can finally return. Think of that first holiday your going to book, that first meal out, all the things we once took for granted, and make sure you are fit, healthy, and raring to go.

Since the start of this terrible time, mental health has become a bigger issue for many people more than ever before, and for many of our clients especially our elder clients, it has been and continues to be  an extremely hard time as it has for all of us, and the advice we give to them, is focus on something positive, and what could be more positive than getting yourself fitter, healthier and in better shape?

Training has a huge positive influence on our mental health, and throughout the years of us running the business we have seen first hand just how much it can change someones life.

It’s not all about how much weight you can lift or how muscular you are, it’s about being fit and healthy.


Don’t make excuses as to why you can’t continue to train over christmas, as there are none. Even if you do a quick 10 min HIIT workout twice per week it will keep your cardio going and the good thing about HIIT is that the effects can impact your body up to 48 hours after the workout.


There are lots of other options you can choose for a quick workout using little to no equipment, why not check out our Facebook page for more ideas and training tips!!

Training can be a huge help to your mental health, so if this festive season has you feeling a little low in mood, just a quick simple round of exercises will definately help to pick you up. It gives us something to focus on, and will leave you feeling like you have a little more energy.

Maybe try setting yourself little challenges, giving you that mental motivation and sense of achievement at the end. Setting yourself challenges can be easy and fun to do…  You could set yourself a REPS challenge, so maybe pick 5 exercises, 10 of each and see how many rounds you can do. Again check out our page for more guidance and tips.


We are all in this together, so do not hesitate to contact us for more advice, we are always happy to help,

Plus if you are wanting to get back training, or maybe want to start our one to one personal training sessions but are feeling a little apprehensive about coming to the studio, we are still offering our online one to one training sessions via ZOOM and WHATS APP.

We hope you all have a wonderful christmas and a very happy new year,

stay positive, stay healthy, stay safe

From the DG TEAM



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