So some of our clients are still looking at ways to keep training at home in the run up to the gyms reopening and to continue afterwards as an extra workout at home once they are back. A lot of people are still continuing to work from home which gives them less time maybe that usual to fit in sessions, or maybe they just don’t have the space. One of the pieces of equipment we have been looking at and have tried out is this under the desk bike. Brilliant piece if equipment and great to keep moving while you work. Also fantastic for people with limited mobility.

Weighing 8 lbs we found it easy to move around and very compact. It is battery powered which makes it so much easier.

Great to use while working, suitable for the elderly, can use while watching t.v, reading, so you can get a workout anytime in the comfort of your own home. It can also be used for the arms. We absoloutly loved trying out this product and it is fun for the whole family too, set mini cycling challenges and get the children involved.

Using an under desk bike for 50 minutes per day can burn an estimated average of 107 calories. Sounds to to us!

Remember if you fancy a product and are not to sure which one to purchase we will be happy to help.

Damian Gilder

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