HIIT Training Classes in Oldham

Our High Intensity Interval Training sessions take place three times a week at our fitness studio in Oldham.


  • Monday at 5.45pm
  • Thursday at 5.45pm
  • Saturday at 9.30am

HIIT involves going all out and putting in complete and maximum effort over a number of short intervals, interspersed by short breaks (sometimes active breaks). This is a training technique that is effective at fat burning and improving endurance. And what’s more? Our class is designed so that anyone of any fitness level can take part. So whether you’re at an advanced level of fitness and looking to take it to the next level, or you’re a beginner looking to take the first steps towards getting fit, come along and enjoy these high octane fitness classes in a friendly small group environment.

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Damian Gilder Personal Training Studio
328 Shaw Road